Cloud Revolution - Steam Train Claptons

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Steam Trains by Cloud Revolution are your choo-choo-choice!

These claptons might seem basic, but let us tell you: looks truly are deceiving. If you're wanting a lower wattage experience and aren't fussed about how Insta-ready your coils look, STs kick butt. 

Claptons themselves are constructed by wrapping two or more 'core' pieces of lower guage wire with a single strand of higher guage wire. This here is a basic technique for most, but absolutely perfected by the man himself for consistent quality in every vape.

These coils are handmade in Australia and made with Sandvik (or equivalent quality) wire to ensure purity of the highest degree.

We'd recommend trying a set for yourself over your next multipack of China wire, and getting the six months of use we get off one set! Keep them nice and clean with a dry burn and rinse once a week, and you'll find these work out cheaper over time!

2 x Steam Train Claptons of your choice in a coil case

Steam Train 26

  • Core: 2 x 26g Kanthal
  • Fuse: 36g Kanthal
  • 5 Wraps with a 3mm Inner Diameter
  • Single Coil Resistance: 0.4 / Dual Coil Resistance: 0.2

Steam Train MTL

  • Core: 2 x 32g Kanthal
  • Fuse: 40g Kanthal
  • 5/6 Wraps with a 2.5mm Inner Diameter
  • Single Coil Resistance: 1.2 / Dual Coil Resistance: 0.6