Mysticoils Puffin' Billy Series 28

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Here are the Puffin’ Billy Series coils.  These are designed for a series mod, but will also serve well on a single or dual coil parallel build.  They are made entirely of Wire Buddha Kanthal A1 wire, so anyone who has an allergy to Nickel these coils will serve you well.

NOTE:  In a series configuration these coils will draw 28 amps, please make sure you use a batteries that have a guaranteed constant discharge rating of at least 30A such as Molicel.

If you are using these coils in a series mod, it is recommended to use a ‘regulated’ series mod as that us what they were designed for.  Using these coils in a mechanical mod will push the limits of your batteries and it is recommended to add an extra wrap on each coil to increase resistance.

Please don’t buy these coils for a series mod unless you have a very good knowledge of OHMS LAW!


    CORE:  3 x 28g Kanthal KA1

    FUSE:  36g KA1 Alien wrap

    WRAPS:  7

    ID:  3mm

    RESISTANCE:  approx 0.58 – 0.6Ω per coil*

* Resistance is only approximate, this can vary depending on the length of your leads.